ALF second attack on Milan’s university

The latest report widespread activists informed about the second attack ALF at Milan University. Pharmacology department of the university has been targeted by activists April 27, 2006.

The report shows that 12 young goats moved from an organic farm in Borgo Adorno Cantalupo, Alessandria. The farm belongs to the agricultural department of the University of Milan. Goats have been used in a university experiment with organic farming. They were determined to end next week as the traditional Easter meal.

Although the report was circulated May 11, 2006, we believe that the event occurred 6 April 2006.

Aktvisité argues that the marketing of organic, animal derived foods is misleading, because the conditions and treatment of animals is often better than what exists on non-organic farms with “free range”. Activists commented, “What we saw is that organic farming is not so different from the others: animal health is poor, adult females are forced to stand under an artificially created light for days and nights in order to stimulate their activity, small cages for short and unpleasant living. ”


Goats are used for their milk and meat, as well as for the manufacture of leather goods. As with cows, day cares kůzlátka are immediately separated from their mothers. Young females are raised to them in the future were milk producers and coy, while small Shotguns are slaughtered because of the Easter holidays. Traditionally, whole lamb, which is symbolic of Jesus Christ and the whole still suckling goat roast in the oven or on an outdoor grill and served on Easter Sunday.

Pharmacological Department of the University of Milan was followed, in daylight, activists attacked just three weeks after the raid on the Department of Agriculture. 8 beagles, three golden retrievers, 12 rabbits and a few mice and rats were liberated from the device for keeping animals that department. Police and university officials expanded the university after the statement that three of the rabbits have inside poxvirus, alert. However, such warnings were after the attacks, when the animal liberation, police used previously in many other countries around the world, and yet, all proved unfounded. To this day was no mention of anyone who might be infected with smallpox. Contact us for more details.